An International Megalithic Conference in New York

MegaCo/07 is a once in a lifetime event, not to be missed by anyone who wants to share in the fun and excitement of moving very large stones with experts in the field from around the world. It’s an empowering experience.

Earthwood Building School and the Stone Circle, built in 1987


Stone Age technology will be making a big comeback in northern New York this summer. Earthwood Building School, together with Plattsburgh State University’s Department of Anthropology, will be hosting the first international megalithic conference (MegaCo/07),August 7-11, 2007. Morning sessions at the college will consist of presentations by some of the world’s foremost experts in megalithic (big stone) engineering, including:

Pavel Pavel, author and engineer, the Czech Republic. Pavel is known for his work with Thor Heyerdahl “walking” the Easter Island moai to their platforms and as well as other major megalithic work in his home country.


Vince Lee, MFA, author, editor and architect, Colorado. Lee is probably the world’s leading expert on the incredible Incan stonework at places like Sacsayhuaman and Ollantaytambo near Cuzco in Peru. A graduate of Princeton University, he is a Member and Research Associate of the Institute of Andean Studies at Berkeley, a Research Associate with the Museum of Man in San Diego, and a Fellow of the New York Explorers Club.

Ivan McBeth, England and Vermont. A druid, McBeth has built over a dozen stone circles around the world, in England, Australia, Canada and the United States
Gordon Pipes, megalithic engineer, England. Gordon is best known for developing the technique of “rowing” stones along the countryside with levers, as opposed to rolling them, but has conducted many other experiments in megalith moving for major TV programs like National Geographic and Nova.

Gordon Pipes and Rob Roy discuss megalithics.

Doug Kerr, New Hampshire, learned stone moving at workshops conducted by Roy and McBeth and will be a key player in the raising of the lintel stone of the Earthwood trilithon.

Left: Doug Kerr in action at Stone A.

Rob Roy, New York. Roy is the author of Stone Circles: A Modern Builder’s Guide to the Megalithic Revival and twelve other books on alternative building. He is been director of Earthwood Building School in West Chazy, NY, since 1981 and has had a lifelong love affair with megalithics. He built the Earthwood Stone Circle in 1987 and supervised the raising of a 20-ton standing stone in 2002. With Jaki, his wife, Roy has conducted stone circle workshops in New Zealand and throughout the northeastern United States. He is editor and publisher of Club Meg News, the journal for stone circle builders.

The 20-ton Juliesteyna serves as the Yule sunset stone.

Juliesteyna was raised in 2002 using methods which could have been employed by Neolithic people.
After lunch, MegaCo/07 becomes more of a Megalithics Workshop than a conference, with hands-on stone-moving and raising demonstrations at Earthwood. The major project will be the raising of the 5.2-ton trilthon capstone (Stone C) onto two existing uprights (Stone A and Stone B) standing eight feet above the ground at Earthwood. The 5.6-ton uprights were raised by Roy, McBeth and students at megalithic workshops in 2004 and 2005. Other projects will include transporting megaliths by Gordon Pipes’ rowing method, and - as an alternative method of raising Stone C - a demonstration of Pavel Pavel’s wooden ramp and levering technique.

Students raise Stone A at Earthwood.

Moving Stone B into position.

Ivan McBeth (standing) and Rob Roy (right) move a two-ton stone using the rowing technique developed by Gordon Pipes.

Stones A and B await the placement of Stone C at MegaCo/07.
Using two different methods of raising Stone C will neither be a race nor a competition. Rather, it will be a comparison of the methods, to try to learn the pros and cons of each technique.

One of the major features of MegaCo/07 will be a forum on a challenge project: demonstrating the transportation and erection of a 50-ton standing stone by 2010. Committees will be formed for the procurement of the stone, site selection for the project and the actual megalithic engineering.

MegaCo/07 will be an excellent opportunity to learn megalithics from the world’s leading experts in the field, both in a conference setting and as a hands-on workshop.

Registration for MegaCo/07 is limited to 40 participants over and above the speakers and organizers, and costs $480 per individual or $880 per couple. Registration for the conference is through Earthwood Building School.

Click on Workshops and Register for Workshops. Or call 518-493-7744 for a color brochure about the conference
The registration fee is for participation in the conference and the Megalithic Banquet at the Earthwood Stone Circle Friday evening.

Megalithic Banquet at the Earthwood Stone Circle.

Wizard has eaten just a bit too much Megalithic Cake.

Plattsburgh State University’s College Auxiliary Services (CAS) is offering a very attractive meals and accommodations package for this conference (does not include supper.) Click here for a direct link to the MegaCo/07 accommodation and meal package. Or call Kate Chilton at 518-564-3054.

For a printable registration form for MegaCo/07, click here.

If you have any questions, call Rob or Jaki Roy at Earthwood Building School, 518-493-7744. We hope to see you in August for this unique learning adventure.

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