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Club Meg News: The Journal for Stone Circle Builders

(This page updated on June 15, 2009)

Ten years ago, I began to publish a newsletter for the Club Meggers, the people who are out there building stone circles, or have some peripheral interest in the subject. It’s called Club Meg News. The first 26-page issue (full 8-1/2” by 11” format) came out January 1, 2000 and issues have come out twice a year since, at the summer and winter solstices. The addition of MegaCo/07 presenter Doug Kerr in November 2007 doubled our staff and greatly improved graphic quality. Now we do all-color 28 or 32-page issues.  Here are just some of the articles that have appeared so far:

Issue One: Inauguration of the Dragonstones in Surrey, Raising a 10-ton stone, Raising stones at Columcille by hand, “Seahenge” in Norfolk (newly uncovered ancient wood circle), New stone circle in New Zealand.

Issue Two: Megalithic engineering (Cliff Osenton), Stones Rising at Four Quarters (Orren Whiddon), The Millenium Stone saga, Modern Woodhenge in Michigan

Issue Three: (First issue in color!) About the Megalithics workshop, New stone circle in Indiana , More from Archaeo News

Issue Four: Celtic cross-quarter days, Winter sunrise at megalithic chamber in southern NY, Uluru and Kata Djuta (Australia), The Australian Standing Stones, Megaliths in New Zealand, More Archaeo News and stone circles. 

Issue Five: The Ashdown Forest stone circle (Ivan McBeth), The Mutiny Bay stone circle (Chuck Pettis), Dowsing by Marty Cain, Easter Island , Brithdir Mawr stone circle, Crestonehenge in Colorado

Issue Six: Brithdir Mawr stone circle update, Keppel Henge in Ontario, Talking to Stones (Cain), Megaliths at Earth Sanctuary (Pettis), News from Columcille and Four Quarters, The Inca: Masters of Megalithic Engineering (Roy), A “Gneiss” New Monolith in Ontario, The Mystery of the Burnt Hill Stones. BACK ISSUES NOT AVAILABLE.

Issue Seven: Raising Juliesteyna (the new 20-ton winter solstice stone), Wally Wallington (The Forgotten Technology), Labyrinths Quest by Marty Cain, The Cottonwood Stone Circle by Chuck Pettis 

Issue Eight: Menehune Stone Circles in Hawaii?, Peephenge, Mini-Megalithic Journey, Celtic Dragon Circle in Montana, Marcel's Stone Circle at Lake Agassiz, Manitoba, more "news from the ancient world" (Stone Pages) Lots of color in this issue thanks to a new process.

Issue Nine, Winter Solstice, 2003: Stone Circles and Alternative Building, Clyde's "Snake's Egg" Stone Circle, The Spirit of Place by Linda Baker, the Crow-oakenden Stone Circle, Dominic Ropner's Time Circles (Click on "Links", top of page), Gary Kirk's Circle, Building a New Stone Circle in Ireland by Tony Hathway, Paul Borda's Stone Circle in Vermont, and Krieg Williams Circle in Centerburg, Ohio. Half of the 24 pages are full color, the most color yet.

Issue Ten, Summer Solstice, 2004: New stone circles in England (by Ivan McBeth), Oregon, North Carolina and New Zealand; "Foamhenge;" Stonehenge Covered; more Archaeo News and an article about English megalithic engineer Gordon Pipes. Again, half of the 24 pages are in full color.

Issue Eleven, Winter Solstice, 2004: Megalithic images (photos by Marty Cain), A Zen Medicine Wheel Stone Circle, Spirit Springs S.C., The Boghill Stone Circle, An Amazing Megalithic Afternoon, and Archaeo News.

Issue Twelve, Summer Solstice, 2005: Orkney Islands, Coral Castle, Installing a 2.9-ton stone, lots of Archaeo News, two "minilithic" stone circles.

Issue Thirteen, Winter Solstice, 2005: Topridge Stone Circle, The Nebra Sky Disc (Ed Schoenley),The Moonmaiden Stone Circle (Ivan McBeth), the Burlington Earth Clock Project, MegaCo/07 announced.

Issue Fourteen, Summer Solstice, 2006: Handmade Inca Wall and Labyrinth (Gary Kirk), The Stone Circle at the Maya Center, Stonehenge Quarry Site Revealed and other Archaeo News, Cottonwood Stone Circle Expanded (Chuck Pettis), Ancient megalithic alignments in New Jersey, "The Stone Circle."

Issue Fifteen, Winter Solstice, 2006:  Major Lunar Standstill at Callanish, Becoming a Stone Builder (Francis Sikes, England), A Texas Stonehenge: (Jennifer Adams), Stone Circle at Thunder Mountain, Stonehenge Was a Hospital (Simon Jenkins, U.K.), The Temple Druid Circle Site (Ros Briagha-Foskett, Wales), Unity Rocks, Archaeo News, The Burlington Clock Circle.

Issue Sixteen, Summer Solstice, 2007:  The Rabbitstick Stones, The Sisyphus Project (Vince Lee), Modeling the Earthwood Trilthon Project, Sermons in Stone (Tom Mancke), Temple Druid 2, more Archaeo News about stone circles, MegaCo/07

Issue Seventeen, Winter Solstice, 2007: MegaCo/07 Proceedings, New Stones at Columcille, Stonehenge II in Kerrville, Texas (Kathy Weiser), Deriving the Yin-Yang Symbol by Solar Observation (Kelly O'Donnell), Time Circles Retrospective (Dominic Ropner, England), Archaeo News (Stonehenge in the Amazon, lots more news on ancient circles)

Issue Eighteen, Summer Solstice, 2009: Molokai's Ancient Stones, The Megalith Man (Steve Wagoner) and his Stone Circle, Raising the Earthwood Trilithon's Stone C (by Doug Kerr), Rockstacking, the Sophia Project, Sacred Stone Circle at Greenshire Arts Consortium, ArchaeoNews, More megalithiccreations from Dominic Ropner, and Standing Stones Perenniel Farm.

Issue Nineteen, Winter Solstice, 2009: Ring of Fire by Jim Needham, America's Stonehenge in Washington, Sophia Update, Moondance Ridge Stone Circle, Icehenge!, More Balancing Stones, ArchaeoNews, Mannanan at Columcille. And introducing the Club Meg News Bulletin Board

Issue Twenty, Summer Solstice, 2009: Just published! Our 32-page10th Anniversary issue is being sent out to subscribers today. Includes: Quirigua (In Search for the Myan Sophia); Rock Stacking and Circle Building in Central America; Gorsedd Circles in Wales, New Stone Circles in Maine and Massachusetts; The Mysterious Druid Hill Circle in Lowell, Massaachusetts; Lots of ArchaeoNews; Using the Burlington Earth Clock Circle; and a special 10th Anniversary centerfold.

In addition, Club Meg News has book reviews, letters from readers, and articles about new discoveries at ancient sites, reproduced with permission from the excellent Archaeo News on the Stone Pages website: http://www.stonepages.com Thanks to Paola Arosio and Diego Meozzi for maintaining that wonderful website.

Subscriptions and Back Issues. Club Meg News has a subscriber list of only 49, so there is no economy of scale at the production end. Three-quarters of  the pages are color, but worth the cost.  Postage is high, too. The cost of a one-year subscription (two issues at the solstices) is just US$15 in the United States, US$20 elsewhere. But a better deal for all concerned is a two-year sub US$25 in the United States, US$35 elsewhere.  A very limited number of back issues (except the sold-out #6) are available at a new reduced price of $5 each. Please add $2 per order, regardless of quantity and an extra $2 for orders outside the U.S.   Use checks or money orders in U.S. dollars, or use U.S. currency. Send to: Club Meg News, c/o Earthwood, 366 Murtagh Hill Road, West Chazy, NY 12992.  

If you have questions, call Rob Roy, 518-493-7744.  Between June 16th and June 29th, I can be reached at 518-578-3102.